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robo rally the year away

at a new years party with friends, we played a game called robo rally.

much like risk, the game would have improved exponentially if it included the computational assistance of tequila.

i cannot help but wonder if kasparov plays different drunk. the immortal chessmaster, drinking at each captured piece, does not lose his edge, i suspect. i think his famous aggression expands. i think he places the lost piece on his tongue when he takes the shot, swallowing the pawns and knights and sharp bishops. the jagged crown of the queen made little cuts down his throat when he swallowed it. the tequila burned worse down his esophagus.

the internist, with a puzzled look on his face, asks kasparov why he swallowed the pieces he lost.

kasparov says that he couldn’t very well let his opponent swallow the piece, right?

fortunately, robo rally has small pieces, mostly plastic. upon an intoxicated defeat, pipes neither meat nor metal would clog.


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