why here?

we spent a good seven minutes complaining about the stupidity and mismanagement of the city of arlington.

then, the good doctor talked about his work in hospice care.

confused, i asked for clarification.
“why arlington?”
“what do you mean?”
“you can do hospice anywhere. why arlington?”
“i don’t just do arlington. i branch out into fort worth, too.”
“no, but i mean… why do you choose to live here instead of oklahoma or austin or africa?”
“my wife works for qwest diagnostics here in town. she’s a technician.”

why do people live where they do? it’s like people don’t choose where they live.

if you could live anywhere, where would you live? if you don’t live there, why not?

why do we wait for retirement to live the places we actually want to live?

i’m buying plane tickets in the morning, and i don’t understand the kind of people who get up, go to work, and accept where they are as where they must always be.

it’s a big world, after all, and you only need such a small piece of it to make your home.

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