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panda bear tells people to buy more clothes

in the local department store, a man in a panda suit walked around and waved at children. normally such a thing would be for kids.

this, however, was an advertisement for a new line of women’s clothing. i can only imagine the poor guy in the panda suit waving at kids, and shaking their hands to drum up excitement for this new line of exotic, women’s clothing.

I amtrying to capture the jist of the conversation. I can’t translate it exactly, since it was spoken quickly through both a toddler’s mouth and a guy in a panda suit.

“You’re a panda!”
“Did you know about our new line of clothes celebrating animals?”
“I like polar bears better than pandas.”
“Perhaps you would like to tell your mom about our exciting new line of exotic clothes, including lingerie.”
“My mom says polar bears eat penguins. Do you eat penguins?”
“As a matter of fact, I don’t eat penguins.”
“I like penguins, too.”
“Can I give you this brochure for our lovely new line of women’s clothing, celebrating all the exotic creatures of the world?”
“No. Bye-Bye Mr. Panda.”

Yes, I think this advertising campaign is reaching the target demographic, German Department Store. Good Job Marketing!

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