advance advance review copies

two little things showed up in the mail today.


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6 responses to “advance advance review copies

  1. You have a pre-ARC!!!!!!!Congrats man!! May I say the cover et al is just gorgeous! Man that is so exciting, you must be over the moon!(and I appreciate the shots of all the different angles, I totally get that!)Now what’s his name . . .


  2. “His”? Mine are girls. Twins, even.I have two aunts that are twins, both named Mary. Mary Alice and MAry Beth, specifically.Thus, I shall name both my girls “Beverly”.


  3. Wow the back is really compelling! Very well written!Congratulations.


  4. By the way I am a twin! Really!


  5. the cover isn’t finalized yet, but i’ve seen some of the sculpture they’re using and it’s incredible.just you wait. this is only getting more awesome.


  6. Bit late, but major congratulations on this.


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