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where does the wilderness begin? where does it end?

i was in a suburban mall buying new jeans and walking somewhere air conditioned for a while.

in this retail silo, birds flew overhead. they slipped into the cracks of the open doors, open windows, open garages. they got lost in the rafters. they swoop down to the floor to sift through the food court trash and the flies and mosquitoes that had made the same mistake as the birds.

in the springtime, they will make nests. they will lay eggs. also, they will evolve.

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look close

two feet off the equestrian trail at dinosaur valley state park, i saw this spider.

look close.

pictures have been fun. but, the digital camera has been reclaimed by the rightful owners. perhaps such a device will return to me later.

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tractors come to build; tractors come back to tear down.

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naked walls

i think it’s growing out of the ground. the construction workers are merely a front for the way the pipes and steel has become its own life, growing walls from the ground through the pipes and the wires.

buildings growing like trees. naked wooden walls.

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watch for flowers

all these flowers rising from the ruins would not exist if the tractors hadn’t come to strip the earth naked. sunflower seeds sleep in the dust, hiding between the roots for the scrapes to come and cause the bloom. they are not the only kind of flower like that.

then, the tractors come again and lay concrete and build walls, and the flowers are stripped away.

flowers that wait for ruin only to die when the ruin ends. the only flowers left are the pipes rising up from the earth like industrial roots.

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luxury condos coming soon

luxury condos coming soon to this place along the river. i walked around the moonscape, swatting mosquitos and taking pictures.

check in tomorrow, and see more of moonscape.

to build the homes of tomorrow, we must destroy the forests of today.

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on my left, the suburbs roll over the hillsides. On my right, the river rolls a path through the hillsides. In between this single block of concrete says “tescorow” like a tiny grave.

i did what conjuring i could and didn’t find much, but i suspect the humble soul that came to me was a dog. on this borderline between the city and the wild, an animal sleeps away the centuries.

not far away, a grapevine grows wild. the grapes taste so sweet after all this rain.

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river bridge

this beautiful place not far from here

at the western edge of civilization, a river rolls below the highway. trees instead of skyscrapers, and birdsong and the mosquito hum of wet marsh and the stink of slow-moving water replicates the way the world used to be.

on the other side of this lonely road, the highway has already brought the hilltakers.

also, i think i see where the trolls res their heads, but none came looking for me.

ain’t it funny how the bottom is prettier than the top?

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robot lawn mower!

the wonders encountered merely by going for a walk.

finally, i have seen the future! and it’s safety yellow! and it operates by itself!

now i might actually buy a house with a lawn.

the family was driving away while the lawn was being mowed. of course, they had trouble pulling out of their driveway because of all the people slowing down to check out the wicked awesome robot lawnmower.

this wicked awesome robot future – let me say it again: WICKED AWESOME ROBOT FUTURE – is marred by the occasional insurrection. let us not forget the very real tragedy that befell a Danish municipal worker recently.

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I encountered a toad in the dark, on the pathway of the apartment complex, waiting patiently for his one true love.

I did not know that right away, though. Before I knew anything at all about him, I conversed with him.

“mr. toad, what are you doing in the middle of the walkway in the dark where anyone who is not looking down might step on you.”

Mr. Toad gruffly replied, “’Tis a small price to pay, being stepped on, for all this warmth. Concrete holds so much heat in the night. It warms my cold blood like a hot stone. Until I can find my one, true love, I won’t have any other heat this cool night.”

“But, why not find a stone?” I said, “This is a dangerous place, with stiletto heels and dogs that have spent long hours cooped up in small apartments.”

“Ah,” said Mr. Toad, “That is exactly what I am doing right precisely here. You see, if a woman finds me and kisses me, I turn into an accountant.* As for the dogs, they might love me in their way. If a dog kisses me, I become an angel. An angel is a far better thing to be than a lonely toad.”

I agreed with the toad. I asked to take his picture. I told him I’d put it on the internet where all sorts of women and dogs might see him and fall in love.

*Upon kissing: frogs turn into princes; toads turn into accountants; snakes turn into thieves; lizards turn into insurance agents; rats turn into trash collectors; dogs turn into soldiers; cats, of course, turn into nothing at all for what else could they possibly desire to be?

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