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i have confirmed that i am…

i have confirmed that i am now in every bookstore i have ever known or can think of.

barnes & noble finally has my book up in their computers for pre-order.

and there was much rejoicing!

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how i feel about the war in iraq

real simple question: would the fighting end if we stayed for fifty years?

real simple answer: no.

the sunnis and the shias will still be fighting each other whether we are there or not.

thus, let’s stop sending our people into the violence.

they teach you this in the princess bride. “never get in a land war in asia!”

i expect our president to get in a deathmatch with a sicilian any day now.

if a democratic candidate wants my vote, here’s what i want:

1) universal healthcare.

2) gay marriage.

3) out of iraq.

real simple agenda, i got.

anyway, i was watching the news and this speech president bush gave about how it isn’t the government’s job to bail out the citizens from bad loans and bad mortgages. i agree with him. that is not the government’s job. the government’s job is to prevent the malicious loan sharks from unleashing their odious, unscrupulous (yet, somehow, LEGAL) ways upon the general public.

lemme see if i can find the speech where he said the words that made me want to throw my monitor across the room…


Yeah, that’s the one. He harangues the people who are losing their savings and credit ratings over unscrupulous mortgage practices, instead of discussing ways to make these bad fiscal policies and immoral companies that hurt everyone bound to our economy a thing of the past.

hm. typical.

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