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oddly enough (interesting facts about the english language)

the word “palindrome” is not, itself, a palindrome.

“homonym” does not have a homonym

“antonym” has no opposite.*

“phonetically” cannot be spelled phonetically.

“mnemonic device” is actually not anything’s mnemonic device.

“onomatopoeia” is not, itself, an onomatopoeia.

finally, there is no other way of saying “synonym”.

*some argue that synonym is the opposite of antonym, following that the opposite meaning of “similar-meaning” is “opposite meaning”, when – in fact – the opposite of “similar-meaning” is “nothing in common whatsoever” which is *not* opposite. opposition requires a relationship to the former, like colors dripping in and out of negative film and photograph. antonymous meaning requires a relationship. Thus, there is some similarity. a good example: “small” and “large”. these two words are antonyms. however, they have something in common. they are both sizes. the opposite-of-synonym to “small” might be something absurd like “salmon”, or “gazebo”, or “and”. these are not antonyms. get it?

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will you be at fencon iv?


i’m particularly looking forward to p.n. elrod and rachel caine giving their little talk about how real publishing works.

you know p. n. elrod don’t you?

rachel caine?

anyway, it’s september 12, which is a palindrone (?) of 21, so i figure now is the time to mention it. find a sitter. find a ride. good luck finding me, because i’ll be incognito as just another fanboy hitting on the costumed girls.

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