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why does George W Bush hate poor children?

Why does George W Bush hate America and poor children so much?

When you are poor. When you are very poor. When you don’t know where rent is coming from next month. When you work full-time and do not make ends meet. When you have to miss a whole day of hourly-wage work to sit with your sick, crying child in an emergency room waiting to see a doctor that will make you pay for this basic thing for years.

When you are almost poor. When you were middle class, and then suddenly discovered yourself to be chronically ill, but technically in that hazy gray area between aid eligibility and wealth that precludes your ability to qualify for necessary healthcare programs while you still don’t know where rent is coming from next month.

When you are poor. When you cannot afford healthcare for yourself, much less your children.

ANYTHING is better than nothing.

Socializing all medicine would not improve all the problems in the system.

However, the way health insurance works is that it doesn’t actually work. It’s broken. It’s busted. It needs to be fixed. And, companies don’t make any money by fixing the thing that’s broken about it. Thus, in this situation, the Federal government is the only entity with the clout and the power to make even minor changes that can make everyone’s lives better.

One minor change that would have made America a much happier, healthier, wealthier, and safer place was the federal bill approving funds for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Bush did an evil thing when he vetoed this bill. For the cost of one day in Iraq, we could have improved everyone’s life – and I do mean every single solitary American citizen, including the wealthiest and healthiest.

Some problems are a keystone in a bridge of many bricks leading to disaster. Poor children’s health care is one of those issues. It pulls kids out of school – the ones who need it most to improve their standing in life. It lowers their grades. It forces parents to miss work, lose jobs, etc. If you cannot afford to care for your chronically ill child – for instance, one with Autism that requires special, expensive schooling and close supervision, or Asthma that requires constant care and close supervision – no amount of free market punditry will make a damn bit of a difference in your life, or your child’s life.

Teen pregnancy increases because the healtchare knowledge just isn’t imparted by doctors and nurses.

Chronic illnesses remain undiagnosed until they are very deadly, dangerous problems, destroying lives and family retirement accounts tragically and unnecessarily.

Things like chronic headaches and lack of appropriate corrective eyewear dramatically diminish a child’s performance in school. Things like bad dental care diminish your child’s ability to eat healthy and nutritious food, which – in turn – diminishes your child’s academic performance and life options.

Missed classes from poor healthcare promote drop-out rates.

Poor children’s healthcare increases crime. It increases the size and glut of our already crowded prisons. It places a heavy toll on the urban and rural communities that must then increase the spending of police and public safety tools that increase the dangerous militarization of our communities. It increases the “Us versus Them” mentality of class and race issues that affect us all.

With the increase in criminals comes an increase in crime and thusly an increase in organized crime. This means an increase in all levels of gang violence, drug use, drug-trafficking, prostitution and human slavery… All of which take money out of American citizen pockets and places it into the pockets of our nation’s enemies.

Promoting universal health care for children takes money out of the pockets of terrorists. I wish I was exaggerating. Terrorists deal in opium and hashish, after all. Even Bush will admit that much. Poor health care among children does contribute in great strides to all the issues of endless poverty and poor opportunities that contribute to drug-dealing and drug using.

Vetoing this bill just caused a whole system of little disasters that add up to a world that isn’t as fair, isn’t as just, isn’t as economically sound, and just – simply – isn’t the America we know and love.

Critics say, “But why should the Fed do this? Don’t many states have, already, this CHIP system?” Many do. All do not. I live in a state without one. We used to have one. It is a damn shame we don’t. The Fed should deal with this because it is a universal need, and needs the kind of funding only the Fed can provide. Even the states that have the program need more funds, always.

Do not be afraid of limited social programs that could be called – by fools – “Socialism”. Socialism is not a slippery slope. There is no domino effect. Be afraid of the people who oppose things simply because they are afraid of a single word – one which I doubt they truly understand.

Socialized healthcare, as an option for all children – especially the ones that have no options, is a very good idea. This one specific instance, socialization could make our freedoms and democracy more glorious, indeed.

Also, when I hear critics speak of this, they question the cut-off points and insist that no one should get a “free ride”. They reveal their anti-conservative values. No true conservative would want the govenment to decide for the individual what that individual needs. Wouldn’t you prefer to be the decision-maker in your child’s life instead of a government suit who only knows your name when your form is in his hands?

How very un-conservative, and foolish. The program is needed. Adding a layer of oversight is not as effective as allowing parents to choose private health care as they can afford it – because it will be better than the socialized stuff.

All in all, a group of very stupid, hateful people just quashed something that is not only morally correct, but fiscally and socially >Necessary< for the children and parents of this nation.

I ask again, and this is rhetorical, because I don’t think I can keep talking about this without more whiskey than I can get right now.

Why does George W Bush hate America and her poor children so much?

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