another secret of cats

in my continued research into the mystical properties of the common housecat, i have deduced the true secret of all that shedding.

massimo, as anyone who has ever set foot in this domicile knows, sheds three times his body weight in hair every two days.

this is, in fact, a self-defense mechanism, and a useful tool for hunters.

with all these puffs of cat hair everywhere, feeble-visioned creatures like geckos are quick to meet their doom when they do not realize that massimo is, in fact, not just another big poofy ball of cat-hair.

rodentia with their awful red eyes have difficulty discerning the clumps of cat hair, like tumbleweeds over the kitchen tile. thus, massimo is hidden by his own natural camouflage.

also, when he is sleeping, no larger animals will attack him, because he looks like a big, poofy pillow.

however, a clear disadvantage to this scenario is that occasionally larger creatures come along with brushes and scrape away his defense mechanisms.

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