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rock show in a strange spot

the patio of the fort worth museum of modern art – on the second floor, framed with evergreens and tiled with manicured grass – a stage got put up. some tables in the back for people who didn’t want to sit in the grass. a giant white balloon moon lantern dangled in the sky from the single scultpure there.

indie rock bands – creative types, all of them – mingled sounds for a crowd of people there.

in the starless night, planes flew overhead. i do not think they were planes. they were just lights, like the balloon lantern over ours – like the moon, like the stars.

pigeons had captured the stars and re-arranged them. they flew in tight formations to fool the crowds below that the flocks of pigeons were planes. but, they were pigeons holding stars and flying in close formation. they were pigeons stealing the lights from the sky, and carrying them to the countryside.

we only think it is light pollution, and planes. that’s what they want us to think.

poor anne the star: her sampler never worked right, and when it did she played “now, now”, but before it did when she was busting at the seams with stage stress at equipment that wasn’t working and time that had to spent talking geek instead of entertaining, she played a song of rage. then, at the very end, when everything worked right, and she was relaxed and comfortable and talking to fans, she played the highlight of the night, at the end of the show where it belonged:


(one of the bands had clearly never been to a museum before. one of them, walking past me – i was dressed in a tie and jacket because it was a special event at an art museum and one must dress appropriately, no? – that one looked at me, turned to his fellow bandmate – both of them dressed like slobs who had never walked into a museum before – and did the annoyingly obvious fake cough *gay*. i rolled my eyes at them and wondered how professional that was to do at their own show where they could have just been taunting a fan. at the very least, they were taunting a potential fan. ’twas not only a very bad idea, but incorrect. they were the ones dressed inappropriately, after all. i also spent most of the night between musical performances chatting with lovely, intelligent women who were also dressed appropriately for the event.

naturally, their act was also the weakest musically, and artistically. i was surprised they were on as late as they were. i don’t want to announce them, but they were not on first. they should have been. they were out of their league on many levels.)

((the best performance of the evening was the lovely anne of st vincent. also notable were “peter and the wolf” and “mom”.))

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