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And, our Winner!

Congratulations Janet Di Giacomo for your victorious Villanelle!

Last Dragon

Green dragon drifts in the dying light
His fires are spent, his colors fade
No longer strong, no longer bright

A swirling leaf, a broken kite
Down the sky where once he played
Green dragon drifts in the dying light

The battered wings turn dark as night
Their fabric rent, their edges frayed
No longer strong, no longer bright

The hated George with shield snow white
The crimson cross upon it laid
(Green dragon drifts in the dying light)

Accosted him upon the height
Set burning steel on flesh of jade
No longer strong, no longer bright

Vain the battle, vain the flight
Last strength fading, life unmade
Green dragon drifts in the dying light
No longer strong, no longer bright

‘Twas fun, folks. We’ll have to do this again sometime, perhaps with Clarihews, or perhaps all Glosa!

For anyone who lost but still badly desires an Advance Copy, watch out at Abebooks.

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Honorable Mention of Limericks

The poetry contest quickly devolved into a giant limerick throwdown of epic proportions. Well over 3/4 of the entries were limericks.

I picked two of the better ones for an “Honorable Mention” Award:

1st Honorable Mention, Sarah the Ninja Bunny (for composing the best limerick about LAST DRAGONS I have ever seen in my life. Good job!)

The dragon is three shades of blue
With eyes of an orangish hue
It may be the last
But damn it runs fast
And I think it might want to eat YOU!

2nd Honorable Mention, Curtis Putnam (for using the words “Hoomin” and “wiggeldy” in a poem. I am easily amused by funny words.):

A dragon asleep on his gold pile
Started and jumped up a good mile
“Its a hoomin!” he said,
as he lay back to bed,
a wiggledy finger stuck in his smile.

What do you win for an honorable mention?

Well, for starters you can add this line to all of your query letters to potential editors: “I won honorable mention in the LAST DRAGON poetry contest sponsored by J M McDermott.”

I’ll post the actual winner of the contest as soon as I get in touch with the poet. They should get to hear the good news, first, you know!

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