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if you have a cat in the house

if you have a cat in the house, you also have a giant box of turds in your house. they sit there, being gross, disgusting turds.

and you don’t want to clean them.

some people dump their turds everyday. i am not one of those people because i can’t really imagine a daily routine that involves a giant box of turds. i do it once a week. and it is gross.

it is a horrible, gross thing to have a giant box of turds.

and i put off the cleaning of the giant box of turds for just one moment because i do need to update my blog today, and i have to now go do something about that giant box of turds.

because i am done with my entry.



stopping to clean turdbox.

right now.

like seriously, dude, i am going to get up and clean that box of turds right on out of my apartment. buh-bye turds.

right frikkin’ now.

okay, i’m really leaving this time.

wish me luck.

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