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just heard from Pseudopod

a little story of mine from not too long ago just got picked up by the horror podcasters at Pseudopod.

want to hear “I Am Nature” (from Issue #4 of Dark Recesses) read aloud on a podcast?

sure ya do. that will totally freak you out.

I’ll post a bulletin when the podcast is posted to their site.


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massimo has been spending too much time with the electronic devices. i suspect he has become addicted to the radiation fields back there, where the ghosts of the wires mingle with the ghosts of the dvds and cds.

everything is haunted, you know. didn’t you know that?

for centuries and centuries and centuries, bodies have been buried in the ground – everywhere – be they bug or bird or babe or deer or dad or dove. the earth runs rich with souls, and ghosts.

our houses are full of dead tree souls. our wires burn the souls of the tiny sea creatures that smashed to oil and noxious fumes. everywhere we look, there’s a ghost.

cats – magical creatures – are more capable at seeing the ghosts and pulling on their energies.

when humans make great art, bits and pieces of our soul fall into the ethereal energies of the thing. artists are the people with too much soul. we slough it off to fill in the gaps where others are missing theirs.

in between all the energy fields, of the wires and the artist souls, massimo does not need to run the television to watch the shows and listen to the cds.

he seems partial to regina spektor and cowboy bebop. who isn’t?


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