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mark yer calenders, guys and dolls

february 22-24, i will be a panelist at CONDFW!

’tis official.

I’ll be chillin’ with Peter S. Beagle. I’ll be all like “‘Sup, Peter S Beagle
and he’ll be all like “‘Sup J M McDermott“.

We’ll do that thing that the cool kids do where they say hello just by raising their heads. you know, like ‘i’d actually lift my arm to wave hello, but actually i’m just going to look down my nose at everyone else around us for just a moment, because we are the cool kids at the con.”

yup. me and peter s. beagle will be chillin’.

you can, too, if you turn your horseys to ConDFW come February.


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aloisius cracks

when i returned home from work, aloisius had yet to crack under the pressure of the tupperware cage. still angrily buzzing around and bashing his head against the plastic and shouting at diva. (diva constantly sniffed at the cage. i had placed a heavy object on the top to keep diva from batting her way into the cage of her sworn enemy.)

i went to bed. in the morning, i noticed a distinct difference in aloisius’ attitude. he sprawled in a heap on the bottom of the cage. his little legs shadowboxed with enemies i could not see. he muttered arcane charms and spells.

i wrote down what i could, to further my research into nature magick.

then, i deduced that my assassin was truly defeated. i learned what i could of the creature’s fearsome army. he was six of six. the other five sent him off to find water and food. they were going to take the world back from the bellicose monkeys that had so dominated the landscape just as we had done to the dinosaurs long ago.

i assured aloisius that his army was no match for even a simple housecat. diva was most certainly upset that she was not allowed to play with her flying toy.

aloisius consented.

i made him swear an oath that he should never return. then, i used an old copy of electric velocipede as the bottom of a mobile cage. i released aloisius outside my front door. I poured water at his little feet so he could refresh himself and fly away.

i have toyed with his predator magick. i have waved my arms and swore the foal curses. unsurprisingly, i have found these little tricks useless on anything larger than an ant.

(the picture uploader is not functioning properly, and i do not have time to make it work this morning, for i must leave for church in a matter of minutes. i shall pray for you, blogger, and your picture up-loader…)

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