on the bathing of cats

you know, you don’t actually have to put the cats in the water. if you get the cats close to the water, they thrash around so much that they pretty much bathe themselves.

oh, be sure to wear long sleeves when you bathe a cat. and, don’t let them get anywhere near your face.

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One response to “on the bathing of cats

  1. Uhm, excellent advice, I suppose. Not partial to cats, myself, but I’ve known a few in my lifetime, and only warmed up to one, whom I never had to bathe. I was a kid then, and I’m not sure even my parents bathed the poor thing. He was healthy, though, the runt and the only surviving kitten out of a litter that froze to death, along with the mother, inside our woodpile while we were out of town for Thanksgiving that year. Maybe it was all the dirt that held in his body heat. (laughing)


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