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library journal mentions my book

no star, though…

Library Journal

McDermott, J.M.. Last Dragon. Discoveries™: Wizards of the Coast. Feb. 2008. c.400p. ISBN 978-0-7869-4857-4. pap. $17.95. FANTASY

A journey focused on revenge becomes an odyssey of self-discovery and of the founding of an empire in blood and sacrifice. As Zhan searches for her grandfather, a creature no longer human that has killed his entire village, she travels in the company of Seth, a fire-breathing shaman; Korinyes, a gypsy who is more than she seems; and Adel, a paladin present at the slaying of the last dragon. McDermott’s debut novel requires careful reading to piece together a story told in nonlinear form, as mercurial as memories and as visceral as death. This fantasy adventure belongs in libraries where literary fantasy in the tradition of Gene Wolf, A.A. Attanasio, and Gabriel García Márquez is popular.


Hey, they mention Richard Dansky’s book, Firefly Rain!

I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Richard’s wife at an airport in Saratoga Springs, as well as some of the Dansky conspirators, and I was most impressed with the overall awesomeness of everyone. Richard seemed like a nice guy on the phone, too. I’m looking forward to his book. It ain’t easy to find decent southern gothic horror these days, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen of Richard’s work elsewhere.

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still no camera… drat!

a roadsign at the edge of a gated community where i have never, ever seen 1 child.

this sign has two silhouettes of children. one sits on the bottom of what appears to be a seesaw. the other sits at the top.

clearly, this means kids are catapulting each other into the road. one had best watch out for flying, catapulted children while driving.

either that, or the kids set up their seesaws in the middle of the street.

either way, i wish i had a camera for this hilarious road sign. i really need to snag that digital camera again for a little while…

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Pseudopod has gone live with "I Am Nature"

Want to hear my creepy little mood story read aloud by Ben Phillips of Pseudopod?

Sure ya do:

This one is most definitely r-rated. Most def.

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a blurb for bicycle errands

i’ve been riding my awesome new bike – (thanks for the fantastic birthday gift mom and dad! you guys rock!) – to the grocery store and cafes and bookstores of late.

i have found this to be an excellent passtime, and recommend it to all impulsive shoppers of the world. resisting temptation only becomes easier when you realize you must haul whatever temptation you encounter home in a bag on your back.

even if you had the room for them, they will likely break!

speaking of which, my mom also got me this little device so you can carry a dozen eggs in your pack without any of them breaking.

this sucker is awesome. not a single egg broken in transit.

one problem, though:

whilst moving eggs from their carton to my container, i dropped one today on the concrete. it cracked. i had to toss it to the trash.

an egg libation to a bicycle goddess. blessings upon this journey, and may it continue for a long time.

if you’re looking for a wonderful new year’s resolution to improve your health, your wealth, and the awesomeness of your being, doing local errands on a bicycle instead of via car comes highly recommended by J M McDermott.

In fact, I’m an author, so I’m supposed to blurb things as if they are the most amazing thing in the universe, always. Here’s a blurb:

“Experiencing your errands on a bicycle is a mind-blowing re-acquisition of true life in our helter-skelter post-modern condition! Two thumbs way up!”


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when people vote with bullets

everyone loses when people vote with bullets.

this bit of news threw me in such a black mood, i couldn’t think of anything to post.

i wish people would stop voting with bullets. why do young men of pakistan swear revenge? don’t take revenge with bullets. take your revenge with a vote, with due process, with uncorruptable law.

these monsters of chaos and pain deserve to be thwarted by justice and order.

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bees don’t

bees don’t see what glass is
what do we do when even air
betrays us?

bees don’t know the bears
flattening the village like gojira
arrows glancing off fur like rain

bees don’t know highways
fly what others show was safe
to splatter in a windy roar

bees don’t know alone
when the veil drips over their geometric eyes
infinite points of darkness gaze back

bees don’t know the devil
irrelevant of course since the devil
knows plenty of bees

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gratuitious pictures of kitties

Merry Christmas, Ellen!

Here are your kitties, happy, healthy, and enjoying clam chowder for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone out there. May your families be safe and happy and drunk.

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because i love my blog readers…

Merry Christmas Eve Eve. Watch the fire as you grow old and stay alive out there.

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Santa Claus is neither fat, nor red

i had the great pleasure of encountering Santa Claus after work, yesterday. he was gathering supplies at a liquor store for the post-christmas party.

i didn’t know it was santa claus right away. he was actually quite thin, and hale. he was young-looking, too. he got carded immediately.

i struck up a conversation with him while we were in line. he introduced himself as Nick, and said he was throwing an after Christmas party.

we talked some more, and the truth came out.

you see, Santa is a fey of spring, not winter. in the summer, he grows thick, and heavy, and his beard whitens like snow, and his skin wrinkles up like death. his blood flows in sludgy ice and gets colder all summer until solstice, when he spends the whole long day stiff as death upon a hammock. he’s a beached walrus with pale white skin and a long white beard and he’s so cold that he has to smother himself in every blanket he can find.

but then solstice breaks, and the spellweather turns inside of him. winter comes down from the sky, and summer rises in nick’s blood.

he drops weight. he wears bermuda shorts. his beard is a lustrous red, like a sunburst bobbing when he laughs – and he has the richest, halest laugh you’ve ever heard and it comes so easily to him.

when winter comes, santa claus is all summer, sun-bleached skin and warm, sweaty palms when he shakes your hand. i imagine a hug from him on a long winter’s night would warm the coldest girl’s heart. (and, of course, he’s only married in the spring and summer, and in the autumn, the two fey drift apart. I didn’t ask what his wife does all winter, because it didn’t seem polite.)

a twinkle in his gleaming eye, and a sheen of warm sweat all over him, like a halo that smelled like curry and strawberries, santa claus wore only green, lustrous green. his hawaiin shirt was green and covered in blue flowers.

i asked him how come everyone kept seeing him fat and red, and he told me it was all because coca cola thought they’d take over the iconography. they’d wrap him in red like the soda, make him old, and fat like their CEO. They’d turn him into a creature of commerce, and greed.

and, he shrugged at me, because for the most part they did.

still, he’s here, buying liquor for the post-Christmas party, when he’ll bathe the hard-working elves and gnomes in mead. they’ll burn a giant can effigy of a snow can, and dance around it like they used to do.

sometimes, they throw a delivery truck driver into the fire, if that one had been particularly bad to the ancients this year, but it’s been a while since any delivery truck driver has had to be memorably bad to the ancients when everything’s been so bad for so long.

still, santa claus assured me that times change, and soon a new company will snatch the icons from the soda company, and already signs of change fill the air with African drums and humanistic religious plurality.

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CC and a link to Link

I’m getting to be more and more a fan of Creative Commons.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a Kelly Link anthology locally to browse?

This is wonderful, I tell you. Simply wonderful.

Over at AbsoluteWrite, the SF&F message board wants to put a list together of all the CC-Licensed writing we can find by authors like Cory Doctorow, Brandon Sanderson, Eric Flint, and Kelly Link. Please, feel free to drop a few links into the comments section.

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