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today, at the art museum, i watched a gentleman sit down at a bench.

then, he took off his suit jacket.

he folded his suit jacket and draped it over his arm.

then, in the middle of a somewhat crowded art museum, he took off his belt.

i held my breath, hoping that was the end of my adventure today. please, god, let that be all he does tonight…

and, it was.


in other news, i just heard from Cat Rambo of “Fantasy Magazine” and their lovely publication has just picked up a story of mine called “Gods of the Spiderhole”.


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signing update for this weekend

ALAS! We have a serious foobar!

The Barnes and Noble in North Richland Hills with whom I scheduled a signing months ago assured me that the very first day they could possibly let me in the store was Sunday, March 2. They had an event on Saturday, and they could only let me in on Sunday.

Then, I find out, courtesy of ace reporter Michael Merschel of the Dallas Morning News that this store had me listed and scheduled for a Saturday.

I had always been scheduled for a Sunday at North Richland Hills. I went and got a signing on a Saturday at a different store, because I had *always* been scheduled for Sunday.

I called the store to figure out what was going on. They, apparently, *never* have events on Sundays. (???) They assured me they had scheduled me for Saturday.

I ended up double-scheduled.

Naturally, I’m going to favor the store that hasn’t dropped the ball with me. (This is, believe it or not, the second time this store has let me down. I am disappointed with their community relations manager, but there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s still a fine store, with many fine staff members.)

I’ll be swinging through the North Richland Hills store at approximately noon on Saturday to sign some stock. Then, I’m going to go to the signing that’s scheduled at a Barnes and Noble in North Arlington for my scheduled 2:00-4:00 signing.

On Sunday, I’m going to go in to the store and just hang out, in an unofficial capacity, in case anyone wants to meet me. I’ll be the guy drinking coffee with the big, yellow bag that looks like it got run over by a car.

So, let’s review the schedule:

Saturday, March 1:
12:00 PM – Barnes and Noble in North Richland Hills, across from Northeast Mall, to sign stock.

2:00 PM-4:00 PM – Barnes and Noble in Arlington on Copeland Street, near the intersection of Collins and I-30 (on the southern access road.)

Sunday, March 2
2:00 PM – I’ll be hanging out at the Barnes and Noble in North Richland Hills, across from the Northeast Mall until about 4:00 PM, if you want to come by and meet me.

These things happen. Everybody, adjust your plans accordingly, and tell your friends!

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my apologies, dearest Emily

i heard a fly buzz when i killed
the realness in the boom
was like the realness in my cares
between these ears of storms
my breath – gathering squirms
in the last onset when the kings –
force witness – in the boom
i held my keepsakes –
pined away – what ocean of me was tangible

then it was there i supposed a fly –
between the light and me –
with truth – a certain stumbling buzz –
with force my shadow sailed – because
i could not bear to see

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What Ho, these bulbous growths… Oh, I have grown Blurbs!

Check this out, party people. I have acquired me some blurbage. It’s like foliage, but it helps people pluck the leaves of the book, instead of merely falling in the autumnal season. Or something poetic. Like that.

Seriously, though, check out the nifty blurbs!

That is all for today, party people.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll rip the poetical riffs upon you. Today, I lost my train of thought when I got the e-mail about the blurbs, and about confirming my travel arrangements for BookExpoAmerica…

Edit to Add:

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! My baby made it to the Philippines before I did! Charles A Tan, my main man in Manilla, posted a *picture*!

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"Night Flight" from Tipton Poetry Journal #7, and two pictures of a party

Night Flight

saw Montreal’s hair at night

a glowing angelfish trapped in a hook of light

cities: scattered deep-sea shapes

all tendrils wrapped in foggy tissue

pulsing firefly glow of cars

flew farther, above Saint-Jean, Drummondville,


deeper into the black after Sept-Iles

the ocean opened

her midnight maw;

deep below

leviathans hunt flesh

those beasts as big as cities

swallowing all the creatures

of luminescent blood
(Tipton Poetry Journal #7… #8 is out right now, wherein you can read cool stuff like this)


All right, party people, I know you want pictures of the book launch party. We only got two. We were busy throwing the party, you see.

If you guys got any pictures, or want to tell any stories, now’s your chance. Drop a comment below. Tell me where to see pictures.

I had never played Rockband before that moment in time. I am Kurt Cobain in a suit. ‘Twas most fun.

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i must say

Seriously, thank you, everyone, but Dark Recesses Press was able to get in touch with me.

There, that’s said. Thank you, *everyone* for letting me know.

I just finished up ConDFW, and I had a great time.

Must unpack bag. Must unpack head.

And, just to let you know, Dark Recess Press was, in fact, able to get in touch with me. Everything’s fine. You can stop letting me know, now.


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MacAllister Stone, Head Editor of Coyote Wild, Interviewed

Word to the wires, I’m interviewing more folks.

This one keeps herself busy, and never got back to me with the second round of questions. Still, I’ll post the questions I asked into the silence anyway, just so you can wonder if she will ever answer these questions.

You do know Coyote Wild Magazine, right?

I cornered the head editor, MacAllister Stone, and managed to squeeze two questions out of her before the slush fell on her head and crushed her.

J M McD) Please, introduce yourself to the world. Who are you, and why are you in charge of Coyote Wild Magazine, and why did you choose to start your lovely publication?

Mac)I’m MacAllister Stone, I run a large website for writers,, and the attached forums.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t remember not being able to read — I’ve been reading nearly as long as I’ve been able to talk. I’ve been a fan of speculative fiction since, as a precocious kid, I found a box of old SF paperbacks that someone had left on the swap shelf in my dad’s auto-shop.

A couple of years ago, a friend I’d been beta-reading for sent me a story that an editor I really respect had asked to look at, if and when she ever finished it. I adored the story. I also lamented that I couldn’t find enough of those stories I really really love to read. I was reading a number of online ‘zines at the time, and subscribing to another half-dozen print publications – and they were all good…but the stories that really got to me and stuck with me? They seemed few and far between.

So that sort of percolated on the back of my mind for a while, and in the meantime, I got more involved with Absolute Write, and more involved with my own writing. I attended Viable Paradise X, ( ) and went to my first Worldcon ( ) in Los Angeles. Somewhere in that stretch of time a friend of mine, Lori Basiewicz, said, in one of those late night chat conversations you have when you’re both a bit punchy from too much work to do, “We need to start an ezine.” ( Lori’s blog: )

Lori has since moved on to other writing and publishing pursuits, but we’d never have made it through that first year without her.

Essentially, we had a some simple goals: We wanted to publish good stories and poetry and nonfiction. We wanted to pay writers, even if we weren’t paying a lot, we wanted to pay for those words. Mostly, we wanted to find more of the stuff we really, really love to read.

J M McD) Tell me about the kind of stories you wish you had gotten the chance to publish, but missed. What are some of the favorite stories of yours that someone else got, first?

Oh…that’s a really hard question! There are so many fabulous short stories out there, that weren’t ever submitted to me. And there’ve been a couple of stories that WERE submitted to me, that I thought were really too good for a penny-a-word market, so I sent them away to submit to pro markets before they signed a contract with Coyote Wild.

Three cases come to mind, though. We planned and researched contracts and how to run an ezine for over a year, before we did our first issue of Coyote. And the ‘zine has been online for over a year, at this point. For that whole two and a half years, in the back of my mind, I was considering a Coyote-themed anthology, because…well…y’know…not that anyone is banging down my door to put together an anthology…but it could happen, right? Then I’m at a little con last year, in the dealer room, and what do I see? Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling have done a Coyote themed anthology: Coyote Road
( )

So I bought it, of course.

Even worse? It’s really, really good. ( There’s a good review here: )

Then, last summer, I was visiting with a writer who has a poem in the February Coyote Wild (Triumph XVIII: Maya – Shweta Narayan ) and she mentioned a story she thought I might like to see. The more we talked about it, the more excited I got. Then she mentioned that Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling were looking at it, but if they didn’t buy it, she’d send it my way.

They bought it. Damn their eyes. They scooped me AGAIN. Shweta’s story will be in their Beastly Bride anthology. I still haven’t even gotten to read it.

The third story I immediately think of is a story that I DID get to buy (mostly, I suspect because Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling never got to see it, Muahahahahahahah!) Barbara Gordon’s smart and lyrical The King of Elfland’s Stepdaughter ( ) in the second issue of CW.

Here’s the thing, I’m still a reader, first and foremost. So the question is sort of moot, as long as those stories are getting published so that I get to read them.

I sent her some followup questions, and they were never answered, alas.

Here they are, in all their unanswered glory. Perhaps, she will enter the comments thread and finish this, despite how time has smashed her ability to meet my Saturday deadline on this interview!

JMMCD) What do you think are the big differences in the organization of an on-line magazine versus a print magazine, and why did you choose the on-line format?

JMMCD) Speaking of great stories, you’ve been able to attract some top talent from day one. Elizabeth Bear appeared in your inaugural issue. James D MacDonald and Debra Doyle are in one of your recent issues. Did you do any extra work to spread the word, in the beginning, or did they just miraculously find you?


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will you be there?

Whenever I think of Dallas, I think of a long, unbroken highway looping into the darkness around cities and plazas and construction sites, and the road just runs and runs and runs, three lanes or two lanes or eight lanes, and all these tendrils of concrete warp and twist around each other in an automobile moebius.

I’ll be up in north Dallas this afternoon at ConDFW.

Lots to do before then, though.

I gots to jet.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a rel treat, and I’m going to give you a hint.

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i have decided…

i have decided that from now on, and until i have completed the entire list given, i shall only buy new books that appear on the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…” list.

has anyone else noticed how spectacular the taste of my readers happens to be?

jesus h. christ, this list is currently a “who’s who” of the awesome authors of sci-fi/fantasy. sarah monette, jeffrey ford, george r.r. martin, gene wolfe, and michael chabon?

every time i look at this little list, i feel humbled. this tendency is only exacerbated by the passing of time.

i am small.

in other news, i will be at ConDFW all weekend.

Saturday Night, come celebrate the launch of my little book in the Con Suite at about 7 o’clock-ish, to about midnight-ish.

I will be providing beer, food, and the entire soundtrack of the massively incredible Anime series “Cowboy BeBop”.

That’s right, geeks, I have the *entire* soundtrack.

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I can’t believe I forgot to mention this!

I got interviewed!

There’s really two interviews. First, there’s the interview at the Amazon BookBlog. Then, there’s the comments thread where I reveal some of the things edited out of the official interview.

Nauticles and I are most pleased.

Thank you Jeff VanderMeer for dragging my book out of obscurity and into the limelight where I feel humbled by the things other people bought along with my book.

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