let the global domination begin…

LAST DRAGON just came out in stores right now, today.

I’ll be putting together a post that will float to the top with events scheduled, and maps and stuff.

Until then, know this: I will be at the Borders Books on I-30 and Hulen in Fort Worth, TX on February 16th… *click me for details*

Then, if you miss the inaugural signing, I will be at Eurotazza cafe on February 17th at 2:00 PM for a reading and a signing, wherein books will be available for sale. *clickme for cafe location and information*

Now… Let’s commence what is to be a regular feature of this blog. Pictures of books in cool places.

Come to signings and witness the giant poster that towers over kitties everywhere.

The talented bookseller Mark G- investigates the brand new, newly-autographed stock in his bookstore on Hulen south of I-20 in Fort Worth, TX.

(I’ve known Mark since the seventh grade and I can still neither spell, nor pronounce his disturbingly complex last name. I suspect, the literary technique of anonymity with the dash a la Mark G- exists because authors couldn’t spell the fellow’s name. You’d think I’d know it by now, but what can I say? In my defense, I have trouble remembering how to spell my disturbingly common and simple middle name.)

Finally, here’s a lovely Borders store on Hulen and I-30, with books a plenty. If you wait until the 16th before you pick one of these up, I can sign it for you on the spot, folks.

“What,” you say, “Where the heck are pictures of the AUTHOR with the book in hand?!”

If you want to know me, and what I look like, you’ll just have to come to a signing.

In the mean time, I spent the last two weeks chowing down junk food as a very immature method of dealing with the abject terror of my first book’s launch, and I have some bicycling to do before anyone takes my picture.

Off I go, onto my bicycle, and away!


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6 responses to “let the global domination begin…

  1. Congrats!!! Love the cat pics 🙂So how does it feel to have your very own book out there on the shelves. (Some well-stocked shelves, too! Go you!)


  2. Terrifying. Next question?


  3. Congratulations! I’ll be running out to buy my copy this weekend!


  4. My < HREF="http://the-walrus-said.blogspot.com/2008/02/last-dragon-by-jm-mcdermott.html" REL="nofollow">review <>is up.


  5. Thank you everyone for your support.I hope you like the book!


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