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Saturday Night, in the Con Suite of ConDFW

You shall come to my book launch party, Saturday Night in the Con Suite.

Because, in case you didn’t know…

here comes your new king of sweet chaos dreams
crown prince of peripatetic whisper keens
to the queens with my tap dancing teeth
stoic stone jack burning all ancient wreaths
i’ll be the ten, nine, eight, seven, six
coal-black diamonds of burning tongue tricks
i’ll be the five, four, three, two, and Ace
of singing spade blades. I now command your face!
drop all that other meaningless shit
and gambol in my white and black spaces a bit.
this voice in my head says you’ll never regret it.
I can lend you some cool in case you need it
Just pick up my book and face it and read it
And so fucking cool you can be there to launch it.

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