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if there’s one thing my ex-gf’s can agree on…

if there’s one thing all my ex-girlfriends can agree on, it’s that i have a real knack for prattling on endlessly about myself.

I have been preparing for interviews since the day I started dating!


I owe Jeff VanderMeer a debt I may never be able repay. He pulled my book out of obscurity and plastered it all over everyone’s hyperreality awareness filter.

Everyone, please, for my sake and yours, go to the bookstore and pick up one of Jeff’s many gorgeous tomes. My favorites are “Shreik: An Afterword” (which I loved so much that I cornered his editor in an elevator just to tell her that I loved this book!) and “City of Saints and Madmen“, which just got re-printed. Hooray for reprints!

I wish I could live in Ambergris. You will, too, very soon.

And, if you want to keep up on his latest book,check out this little link right *here*!

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