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i have decided…

i have decided that from now on, and until i have completed the entire list given, i shall only buy new books that appear on the amazon.com “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…” list.

has anyone else noticed how spectacular the taste of my readers happens to be?

jesus h. christ, this list is currently a “who’s who” of the awesome authors of sci-fi/fantasy. sarah monette, jeffrey ford, george r.r. martin, gene wolfe, and michael chabon?

every time i look at this little list, i feel humbled. this tendency is only exacerbated by the passing of time.

i am small.

in other news, i will be at ConDFW all weekend.

Saturday Night, come celebrate the launch of my little book in the Con Suite at about 7 o’clock-ish, to about midnight-ish.

I will be providing beer, food, and the entire soundtrack of the massively incredible Anime series “Cowboy BeBop”.

That’s right, geeks, I have the *entire* soundtrack.

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