"Night Flight" from Tipton Poetry Journal #7, and two pictures of a party

Night Flight

saw Montreal’s hair at night

a glowing angelfish trapped in a hook of light

cities: scattered deep-sea shapes

all tendrils wrapped in foggy tissue

pulsing firefly glow of cars

flew farther, above Saint-Jean, Drummondville,


deeper into the black after Sept-Iles

the ocean opened

her midnight maw;

deep below

leviathans hunt flesh

those beasts as big as cities

swallowing all the creatures

of luminescent blood
(Tipton Poetry Journal #7… #8 is out right now, wherein you can read cool stuff like this)


All right, party people, I know you want pictures of the book launch party. We only got two. We were busy throwing the party, you see.

If you guys got any pictures, or want to tell any stories, now’s your chance. Drop a comment below. Tell me where to see pictures.

I had never played Rockband before that moment in time. I am Kurt Cobain in a suit. ‘Twas most fun.

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