in response to info overheard constantly at the museum…

just so you know, people of the world, the “apocrypha” is not a catholic thing. it’s not in the catholic bible. it’s not catholic. in fact, the apocrypha is the very definition of “not catholic”. nothing could be less catholic than the apocrypha.

thus, if you are standing in front of a work of art in the museum that references the apocrypha, and mention how you just aren’t familiar with the catholic bible, or the catholic anything, or really utter the words “catholic” at all while considering the apocryphal image…

Well, you sound like a boob to any catholic within about twenty yards.

let’s review folks: apocrypha is not catholic. okay?


now, that doesn’t mean apocrypha doesn’t appear in religious texts. The Book of Enoch – apocryphal to catholics – is a part of the new testament among ethiopian orthodox christians.

religious exhibits do tend to bring a crowd to the museum that are not widely read, alas.

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