Daily Archives: March 10, 2008

but i am an engineer…

so i’m doing these signings in bookstores all over town. i put out a bowl of chocolate and i ask people if they want chocolate. when they say ‘yes’, i ask them if they could at least glance at my book and go through the motions of checking it out.

totally works.

but, it doesn’t work everytime. some people want the chocolate, and they don’t like the book. which is cool. it happens.

but, the weird things people say when they try to explain why the don’t want the book are amazing.

Apparently many folks take pride in their illiteracy. seemingly intelligent folk explain why they would never read a fantasy novel.

“But, you see, i am an Engineer,” they say. they hand me back the book.

do you think it’s scary that the people who design the interfaces and tools of the future often pride themselves in a lack of imagination?


also, my parents have a new puppy. she’s cute as a button. however, the “five second rule” no longer applies at my parent’s house. FYI.


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