Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

daylight savings time and a bicycle

i saved no daylight this morning. in fact, i lost an hour of good light.

i left on my bike in the wee hours to ride through the river parks to the gym. the world was all fog, all mist, all hidden.

i rode through a dead painting by a dead impressionist. the trees in the misty twilight had no true shape without light. the road was formless. the rustling things in the trees beside the park trail were shrouded in a terrible darkness like fleeing shamblemen made of leaves. the misty air, like driving through the black pastel oils of a dead painting, smothered me in the absence of light. my glasses fogged. my sweatshirt fogged. my beard dripped with the gauzy glaze of the black scenery.

had i but one hour more, i would have had more than just a twilight. i would have had more than darkness. daylight savings time cost me an hour of light.

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