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Just heard from GUD Magazine

Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine (aka GUD Magazine) just picked up a poem of mine about a constellation and an astronomer that actually existed, once.

This came about when I was cruising random cool stuff and discovered a Wikipedia entry about a constellation in the southern hemisphere called “Lacerta“.

I hope when GUD Magazine goes live to print with the issue, that some wikieditor adds that little factoid of my poem about the thing to the wiki entry.


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because i don’t do this very much…

because i don’t do this very much, i want you to understand the importance of this link.

i don’t link people all over the place for no reason. not me. this is not that kind of blog.

but, this link is vitally important to anyone who goes to gyms. tell your friends, too, just in case they start going to gyms.


Yes. Yes. A Thousand Times Yes.

That is all.

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