Daily Archives: March 20, 2008


work extended hours at the museum because upper management – who still go home at their regular hours, anyway – decide that the musem should stay open a bit extra during the last two weeks of the biblical exhibit.

then, drive to apartment in benbrook. check in with cats. they are still alive. they are still stinky. they are still pooping in the box.

drive to the other side of dallas/fort worth, for over an hour in rush hour traffic to take care of dogs.

spend four hours chasing after puppy in vain effort of encouraging outside bathroom activities, and to discourage things like chewing on electrical wires, chewing on furniture, chewing on walls, chewing on me, etc.

come to blog. try to think of something witty to say.

all i can think of is gzblk.


good-night, everybody.

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