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AggieCon Report

4 people showed up at 9:00 in the morning, on Saturday to listen to a reading. I would have been even more impressed and amazed if they had any idea who I was before they showed up. Still, it made me happy to see that people wanted to listen to me read stuff.

I read two short stories, and one poem.

First, I read the story “Dedalus and the Labyrinth” coming out from Weird Tales. Then, I read “Last Star” from the special December issue of Coyote Wild Magazine. Then I read “Robert Shirtliffe” from Issue #4 of the Tipton Poetry Journal.

It was strange to look out into an audience and actually see a reaction. Usually, when I read a story, the cats wander off for food when they realize I won’t be giving them a treat for listening.

How did the reading go, you ask? All four people who showed up to check out some new writer picked up the book in the dealer’s room and had me sign their copies.

Also, I want to give a big shout out to Jaime who showed me where Rumour’s Deli was after attending one of my panels wherein neither one of the writers involved were “stars” so to speak. Two other folks came with us who seemed quite nice, but I can’t remember their names… Business cards peple. Get business cards.

Also Robert did a great job picking up the pieces in the Convention. The story went like this: the head of the shindig was chugging along fine until her husband was killed a month or two before the convention. (All our condolences, to her… She’s young, too. She’s a college student.) Then, everything fell apart. Robert stepped in and saved the day, and did a great job holding this event together by force of will.

Trey set up the first-ever AggieCon podcast, with the lovely and talented con volunteer Judi and myself, and I hope he lets me know when he goes live with the podcast.

Met lots of nice people. John Ringo, Tom Knowles, the always-lovely Rachel Caine, her main squeeze Cat Conrad, the nice folks at the monkey house whose names I’d remember if tequila wasn’t involved, Scott Cupp… Well, I’m about to list out all the guests. Seriously, just go check out Cepheid Variable for yourself, and you’ll know who I met. Everyone was nice.

And, now I get to do my taxes. Hooray. Kind of. Also, I get to deal with insurance companies because I was in a small fender bender (no one was hurt, and it was literally just fenders involved) Saturday night during the convention, and this will be a long, boring, paperwork-y day.



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