Daily Archives: April 7, 2008

i miss illuminated manuscripts.

how come we don’t illuminate our manuscripts anymore?

Curse you Gutenberg and your technological advance that ended a gorgeous era of graphic novelization!

I’m reading The Travels of Marco Polo in one hand, and googling all the zany images that belong in the margins because bored monks were drawing what *should* have been in the manuscript but weren’t listed.

Someone should do a big scholarly concordance of the manuscript illuminations of the Travels of Marco Polo, the Bible, Consolation of Philosophy, Roman de la Rose, and Chaucer, and put it up on the internet for free so us scholarly types can research things.

I’m too busy. Can you do it for me? Does anyone know an unemployed Medievalist with a strong information technology background and unlimited funds with which to create a ginormous, graphics-heavy website?

Keep me updated.


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