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Let’s play MadLibs!

I will give you the following: 5 nouns. 4 verbs. 3 adjectives. 3 adverbs. 2 profession. 1 color.

Your quest? Madlib it! Take an excerpt from a news article, or someone else’s blog post, or a creative commons’d text, or a project gutenberg tome, or something, and find a spot to MadLib it.

Best madlibber gets to be put up in the main post.

My Nouns:

1) Toaster. 2)Gorgon. 3)Umbrella. 4)Teepee. 5)Sea Anemone.

My Verbs (expressed as “to be”, but malleable to any necessary tense by you):

1) To Yank. 2) To Explode. 3)To Joust. 4) To Fester.

My Adjectives:

1) Verifiable. 2) Stratospheric. 3) Gooey.

My Adverbs:

1) Clumsily. 2)Brusquely. 3) Slyly.

My Professions:

1) Undertaker. 2)Carnie.

My Color:

1) Aquamarine.

Go MadLib, now! Post your MadLib, and your source in the comments thread.


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