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and now for something completely different from Iraq.

I asked my sister if I could put this up here because it’s quite nifty.

E____ says this:

“This photo cracks me up. Our troops go out all the time to talk to the locals, etc. etc., and it always looks so interesting that we are all Rambo-ed out, to include indoor meetings, etc. In this photo a group of troops wanted to go play soccer, but they still can’t take off their gear! I bet we’d play a great game of football in this stuff!”

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BookExpoAmerica Setup Pictures

I have put together a flickr stream:


Tell me if that doesn’t work.

I think set-up is, in many ways, more interesting than the actual event. It’s like looking at a decorated cake versus watching the pastry chef build the effervescent loveliness out of a slab of cake and some food coloring and almond paste.

Three couldn’t make it into the stream. I’ve put them below:

Seriously, this thing is huge. After walking around the trade show floor, it occurred to me that I was going to need to get a bigger bag for tomorrow. Perhaps one that rolls… My back is injured already, I don’t want to exacerbate my perfectly macho shoulder injury with a what appears to be a billion pounds of promotional copies of books.

(Also, Richard Dansky keeps wanting to give me some kind of squirrel-based beverage… I wish I was joking.)


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