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Very Sorry to Report…

I just got off the phone with my boss at my day gig, and apparently I won’t be able to attend ApolloCon for the entire three days.

Sunday morning, I’ll have to leave very early.

I’ll be unable to attend two panels.

10:00 AM Sunday, I’ll be forced to miss this one: Spec Fic, Social Networking, and the Blogosphere

Then, at 12:00 PM Sunday, I’ll also be forced to miss this one: Archetypes in Speculative Fiction

It’s a long story guys, and I don’t want to get into it here. If you want to know, just e-mail me.

sankgreall, gmail com

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Off to ApolloCon…

I’m leaving in the morning for ApolloCon, down in Houston:


In the meantime, I noticed something today that ought to be considered:

Golden Gryphon Press smell fantastic. Whatever they use as paper and glue just smells wonderful. Sometimes, in between stories, I’ll take a quick sniff break.


Have you smelled Golden Gryphon Press books lately?

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