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Thinking more about kitschy chess sets…

Right, so you know how when you see nifty, kitschy chess sets, like a Star Trek chess set where Kirk stares down the evil Klingon Empire, or Gandalf faces off against Mordor, or Autobots take on the Deceptacons?


Notice how all the “good” teams are white chess pieces, and the “bad” teams are all black chess pieces?

In chess, white is evil. White moves first. White is the aggressor.

Black is the defender. Black is the besieged. Black is the good.

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What I want for Christmas.

This is what I want for Christmas more than I have ever wanted anything for Christmas.

I want this more than little girls want ponies.


Two things I love, put together BRILLIANTLY!

(I’ll probably be staring at this chess set, drooling, for, like, hours.)

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