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My Mom Got a Wii…

I’ve wanted a Wii for a while. However, since I’ve also been wanting to be a writer of fictions, I avoided temptation to pick one up. For Christmas, my Mom picked up a Wii for herself.

Here’s the genius behind Wii. My Mom can pick up the console because she wants to play Wii Bowling, and shoot at stuff with Link’s Crossbow Training (…to her, she just wanted something to squeal when it dies. It didn’t matter if it is a Skeleton-faced Monster, or a Deer, or Anything, as long as she gets to shoot something and hear it die. I totally agree with Mom on that one. Shooting targets is not as rewarding as shooting the hobgoblin thingums that keel over squealing.)

Wii is brilliant because it acquired the attention of a casual gamer, like my Mom, who never really wants to spend more than a few minutes at any one game.

Because of this, my Mom also picked up Force Unleashed, not a casual game, because she wants me to have something fun to play, too, when I’m over there. I am a dedicated gamer, who would blow all of his life playing video games if I had less self-control.

In short, Wii console designers are brilliant. By embracing more than just the hardcore gamers (I’m looking at you PS3), the company will expand it’s marketshare and expand the number of hardcore games that sell, as well, since more households will have Wiis.


Also, let me just say that Wiis are extremely fun. Bowling is fun. Boxing is fun. Link’s Crossbow Training is fun.

The Force Unleashed is fun, too. It isn’t the perfect lightsabre game, however, being able to actually, physically swing the Wii control increases my pleasure when slaughtering my enemies with my lightsaber.

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