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Happy New Year!

I had a fantastic year in 2008. What with my book launching at last, doing quite well, and being chosen for some excellent year’s best lists, I really couldn’t have had a bad year.

Also, I had a fantastic time at some wonderful conventions. ConDFW, where we launched the book by eating, drinking, and playing RockBand, was great because it was the first time my parents met lots of my friends. Since I’m actually great friends with my parents, it was a happy event to see them all getting along. AggieCon was lots of fun, too.At AggieCon, people actually showed up to my reading, which had never happened before. I had to read and everything. They seemed to like it, since everyone in the reading went to buy my book in the dealer’s room soon after. At ApolloCon, I danced, I paneled, I met lots of new people, and even played some cool games. At FenCon, I got to cross over and sit on the volunteer side of the desk for just a little while, which I thought was lots of fun. Great concert at FenCon, too, which is a redundant statement because they always have great filking. At ArmadilloCon, I was dazzled by the panels, wherein literary-ish topics were on the menu, and attended in force.

I also published about a dozen short stories and poems. Needless to say, that’s a very nice thing to do. So many of my attempted stories are failures that slink into my hard drives to die that I am always pleased and excited to see any of them come out good.

I made many wonderful friends, and even lost a few friends that turned out not to be so wonderful. Such is life.

Anyway, this year has basically been a total blast.

Now, for next year, I came up with some New Year’s Resolutions that should point me in the right direction.

1) I resolve to read a book full of naughty limericks.

2) I resolve to doodle in the margins instead of reading a book, if I’m reading a book and discover that it bores me.

3) I resolve to develop mastery ofthe Force, and to construct my own light-saber to defeat the forces of the dark side.

My only concern with my list is what I will do if the book of naughty limericks bores me, and I end up doodling in the margins instead of reading the book. Would pushing myself through the limericks break resolution #2, or would abandoning the book break resolution #1. It’s a good thing I’ll be a Jedi Master soon, because it’s the kind of conundrum only Yoda could solve.

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