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Because self-pimping for awards makes me feel icky



Look, here’s a lovely web-trailer for Catherynne Valente’s latest (I’m a huge Valente fan. Literally. I’m a 260 pound gorilla that reads as much Valente as he can find. I’m both large, and a fan of Valente. I’m really looking forward to Palimpsest. I wish I had enough publishing cred to snag an ARC. I’m going to have to buy one just like the hoi polloi. And I don’t mind, because I think it’s important to support the bleeding edge of arty SF!) Here’s the trailer.



I feel less icky.

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About Hugo Nominations…

I’m eligible for numerous awards, this year. I hear Hugo nominations are open.

I’m not saying you have to do this, naturally. I just thought I’d throw this little factoid out there, and let the few folks who stop by here now and again to remind folks that such things are open. After all, the important thing is that you participate in the award, whether you select my work or not. Really, the best thing you can do to make an award like the Hugo work good is to participate in the process, and provide your own, little influence on who gets the nifty rocket.

If you happen to think my stuff is the bee’s knees, well, here are some handy suggestions for things that are eligible.

LAST DRAGON is, naturally, eligible for a Hugo for Novel – though I suspect it will be a cold day in Hawaii before my arty, post-modern fantasy novel stands a chance against such strong, popular contenders as Zoe’s Tale, Little Brother, and The Graveyard Book.

Some of my short stories are eligible, for the Hugo Short Story Category.

Gods of the Spiderhole, in Fantasy Magazine, for instance.

Or, The Lovesong of Jack McNally in Atomjack Magazine.

The End of Her World in Dark Recesses Press.

Dave Jones and the Survivor, also in Atomjack Magazine.

All links are clickable to the right.

Finally, I would also suggest that I might be an excellent candidate for a John W Campbell Award. I mean, I’m a new writer, after all, and the John W Campbell is designed to acknowledge new writers, isn’t it? I’m a writer. I’m new. I’m eligible for that one.

But, there are many, many fine candidates for all these awards, and I think what is really important is that everyone who is eligible participates. Participation makes awards work better.

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