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Best New Year Resolution Ever!

I’ve come up with an even better New Year’s Resolution!

I resolve not to die in 2009!

I like to keep my goals simple and to the point, when it comes to resolutions. This is exactly the foundation of the kind of life I would like to lead this year.


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Wait… What did he just say?

Yesterday, our exiting President said this in his final press conference:

“Not having weapons of mass destruction was a significant disappointment.”

No… No, wait a minute. Actually, had Iraq *had any* WMD, that would have been the disappointment. When rogue states don’t have WMD, that is a significant pleasant thing. In fact, it is a very good thing that Iraq had no WMD. Because they might have used them!

I think what Bush means to say is that he was disappointed that his intelligence was wrong about the WMD, thus he sent us into a very long, expensive, and bloody war over smoke and mirrors from an intelligence department that was, at best, mismanaged at the highest levels, and, at worse, intentionally skewed to enrich the big businesses that have profited from these wars.

But, that’s not what he said, now, is it?

I wonder how many “misspoken” things must come out of a man’s mouth before people start to wonder what is really going on in his head

Could you imagine the insanity of existing in a state of mind where one wished Saddam Hussein actually had a hand hovering over the big, red button?

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An interesting bad review…

Green Man Review didn’t care for my little book.

Naturally, that’s fine. It’s not for everyone, like the reviewers say, and it didn’t work for them. No book is for everyone. Writing unconventional stuff means you’re going to displease lots and lots of people.

I do appreciate them taking the time to give it a go, and mentioning it at all. So, thanks for reviewing my little book, and for giving it your best shot.

I did want to take a moment to point out how the reviewer takes umbrage with my usage of the word “golem” instead of “zombie”.

Now, I’ve got some mighty smart readers, many of whom liked the book. Why do you guys think I used one term instead of the other, believing golem to be more accurate?

Serious and non-serious answers are welcome, and encouraged.


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