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Who wants to design a game for the Wii?

I was thinking about this, how most Wii games are for casual gamers. (Also, I was thinking about pretty pink ponies, but… nevermind…) I was thinking how you don’t have to have the greatest graphics in the world to appeal to a casual gamer. You just have to have a very interesting and cool concept.

Anyone have the programming and graphic design skills to make a Wii game? We could design one, make it a download that can be burned to DV-R and give it away under a CC. Which would suck for you, because you’d be doing a LOT of work for no money. I’m not much of a programmer, after all. But, I’ll micro-mange your every step, yell at you constantly, and then take all the credit in the end, because all you did was make the widgets move like I told you to make them move.

Got it?


I want to make a Wii game called


Remember that game at Medieval-esque carnivals where you smash the hammer on the launchpad to make your carefully-aimed frog land on a small pedestal?

This game would use the Wii controller to mimic the motion of the hammer. A few small differences, though…

You play as a mighty, muscle-bulging ogre, on vacation from pillaging to get drunk and play a game with your mighty, muscle-bulging ogre friends. This barbarian game is called “Froggy”. You go to a marsh, kill some of the giant frogs by farting on them, and then you move the frogs around an obstacle course by smashing the ground with your hammer, causing the frogs to bounce into the air. Where you can either let them land, or whack them again with your hammer to get some driving distance.

The frogs would all be gruesomely dead, with big, lolling tongues throwing off their physics. You wouldn’t just send them launching once. You’d have to play a kind of golf with the dead frogs, manuevering them through obstacle courses, collecting points by making them land on things – destroying them. You lose points if the frogs lose limbs. Blood splatter is fine. But all toes and tongues must remain accounted for.

The goal is to get your frog into your cup o’ ale, back at the picnic table. Winner gets to take a drink of delicious, “froggy” ale.

I think this could be a big hit among the elderly. Everyone knows how much the elderly hate frogs.


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Here’s a Book I’m definitely looking forward to!

In Speculative Fiction, the Philippines is something like the Seattle music scene of 1989. Tons of talented people, all getting their fanbases built and prepped for their crossover into the mainstream consciousness, huddled in their studios and garages, practicing and practicing and playing gigs and playing gigs… In SF, the Philippines is on the cusp of greatness.

Heard word of a book that is very high on my wish list:


Very cool cover!

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Nobody has sent me any pictures of War Beetles!

This makes me sad. What if my WAR BEETLE short story turns into WAR BEETLES: The Great American War Beetle Novel? Your brilliant creations in Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, and Lego/K’Nex will not grant you a spot in the acknowledgement pages. You will look, longingly, at the place you could have had in history, influencing all the WAR BEETLE arts.

Alas, there are no WAR BEETLES in Mudville, and also no joy. For how can there be joy without WAR BEETLES?

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