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Two things to read together to get you thinking about America’s Economic Future

First, here’s a livejournal entry from brilliant fantasist Catherynne M Valente:


Now, here’s the new book by Cory Doctorow compiling many of his essays about copyright law, the internet, piracy, creativity and what-have-you.

Makes for a fascinating duo. The decline of big business, and America nostalgia, hand-in-hand with the ways that big business is scrambling to contain a future at the cost of the consumer, contrary to the true nature of the technologies in question.

I think it’s fascinating. One writes mythic fantasy, and the other writes activist SF. Together a picture is painted that points to the way things will be, and the way things could be.

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After Looking at Obama’s Executive Orders…

I think it is kind of disheartening that the president’s first groundbreaking executive orders are 1) We will now obey international law, starting now. 2) We will now obey national law, starting now.

Because they weren’t being obeyed before.

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