Goin’ to Atlanta, Live Out This Fantasy…

Some of you know already and many of you don’t.

I am moving to Atlanta, GA very quickly to commence work with the talented folks at Xaviant Software.

I am pleased. I expect great things.

My ConDFW Status is hopeful, but I can not promise I will be there. The Con folks are aware of this, and we all have our fingers crossed.

And, just to be clear, yes, I will still be working on my own, original fiction. I suspect I will not be producing nearly as many short stories in the near future. But, that’s not the sort of thing that ever, ever stops.

So, I’m going to Atlanta. This morning.

I will get to combine two things I love: Writing and Video Games!


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6 responses to “Goin’ to Atlanta, Live Out This Fantasy…

  1. Hah, amaze! Welcome to my neck of the woods! Atlanta is a pretty awesome city – let me know if you need any pro-tips as far as restaurants, stuff to do, or geeky haunts.


  2. Congratulations! You will have many new and exciting things to tell us about!


  3. Congrats! And best of all, you won’t have to miss the heat and humidity when you’re living in Hotlanta! 😛Sorry, just felt the need to toss in a bad joke there. I’ve mostly just driven through the city, so most of what I know is the traffic congestion on 285, but what I’ve seen of the city, I liked. Hope you enjoy your new job!


  4. Hey, cool! Atlanta’s a great city. Well, it must be, right, because I was born there. I wouldn’t be born just anywhere.Congrats! I hope everything goes smoothly in the transition!


  5. Leavin’ Texas, ‘eh? Just remember, when we succeed from the Union, and start fighting off the evil-communist-vampire-mutant-robot-zombies during the apocalypse revolution, you are responsible for informing all near you that Texas is a holy land and that we will take all in under our wings. Just keep your Texas ID and passport ready, cause there ain’t no coming back unless you have an authentic Texan in your group. Good luck and God’s speed.


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