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You know, it’s 1:02 AM, and I spent literally all day sitting at a computer making cool stuff up. (My next novel is going to be made into a movie starring Ewan MacGragor, by the way. As soon as I’m done writing it, naturally, Hollywood will come on board with this. I’m trying to get Ewan’s inevitable character into some sort of brown robe, with space boots, spouting wisdom-y goodness.)

I was eating corn chips. And, I got to thinking about Frankenfoods. Genetically modified foods are going to be awesome. They will make frog-broccoli. It will be like a chia frog, but totally edible, healthy, and it’s blood will have the flavor of white chocolate sauce.

They will make jellyfish with actual jelly in them.

They will make tiny, little chicken wings that grow in fungal vats, and make strange squishing noises when they try to get up and walk around.

Nature will be violated.

And, I can’t wait to start eating all this crazy stuff. The sooner we master the biology of beet/beef hybrids, the sooner we’ll master the kind of bodmods we need to make our puny, pathetic speck of humanity a giant swarm across the cosmos!

Let’s get cooking, chef science!

That is all.

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