I love octopi, and cuddlefish in all shapes and sizes.

I’m particularly fond of stories like this one.


I need to write a story about intelligent escaping octopi interact with wild, mean, gangster squirrels in a completely non-childish, non-corny way. Like, mutant clone mosnters merged with human DNA struggle to reconcile their muddled instincts or something…

Right. Add that to the list of things to write. And, move on to the things I’ve already started…


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2 responses to “ओक्टोपुस

  1. Change it slightly to “blood-thirsty, rabid, vampiric squirrels” and I know of a girl that would love you dearly until the day you die. There’s just something so cute, cuddly, and threatening about squirrels, isn’t there?


  2. I was going to write an SF story about a lonely octopus who looks at tentacle porn in the evenings when he gets off work, but it was just too weird even for me. Also Ralan’s says The Book of Tentacles anthology is rumored to be filled and closed now. But when I was doing research (on octopuses, not porn), I got really intrigued with the idea of intelligence in creatures so different from humans. Who needs space aliens when the sea is full of the strange and wonderful?


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