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What I love about banks…

I love how they can still be condescending to you on the phone when, even when it’s been plastered all over the news how they have no f-ing clue what they’ve been doing for the last fifteen years.

My experience so far with CharlesSchwab’s web-based stock buying has been bad, so far. And, it hasn’t been the machines. Machines are machines. It’s been the humans.

Which makes me want, even more, to set it up so it is just a machine that I deal with.

Why can’t the Stock Exchanges of the world set it up so all you have to do is go to *their* web-location, with whatever browsing portal you like, and do whatever you want with what’s yours?

Someone explain to me why I have to go through a third party to buy stocks when this could all be set up on-line, at the Exchange.

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