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Hugo Awards and the Campbell

Huge congrats to Ann VanderMeer and David Anthony Durham, and all the other winners!

It pleases me to see the people on the ballot that I think should win, win. I didn’t even vote!

I would have voted for “The Graveyard Book”, as well, and it pleases me to see it victorious. I would have voted for “Exhalation”, as well, and – again – it pleases me to see it victorious. I’m not up on the novellas and novelettes, but I have no doubt in the powers of Nancy Kress or Elizabeth Bear, and I’m certainly going to be looking for these stories later.

In the other categories, I would buy Donato Giancola paintings if I could afford them. Seeing them in person is really memorable and exhilarating. I know Cheryl K. Morgan has been a huge cheerleader of my little book, and I’m very glad someone gave her an award. I wish I could give her one. Now, I don’t have to. She won the Hugo! I could go on, but I don’t need to gush.

The big surprise, to me, was Ann’s much-deserved victory in the Locus-dominated category. Weird Tales Magazine is basically awesome. I could give you reasons, but I don’t think I need to. Isn’t a Hugo a better reason than any I could offer you? If you ever wondered if you should subscribe or not, here’s the most prestigious award in SF/F suggesting that maybe you should.

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