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So, you wanna buy an eBook, eh?

Well, there’s lots of eBooks to choose from. That there is. Hard to tell *what* eBook to buy. There’s only so much battery life to be squeezed out of that cadmium, and you’re pretty sure everything you rent on your Kindle can be taken away from you if somebody, somewhere, sneezes funny in the vicinity of Seattle.

Anyhow, with such limitations into your purchase-like decisions, I want you to know that I am here to help you.

I have, for your viewing pleasure, a free sample chapter of the eBook edition of LAST DRAGON by J M McDermott.

You know, this book was shortlisted for a Crawford Prize. This book was on Locus Magazine’s Recommended Reading List. This book was recipient of all sorts of critical acclaim.

This book is available from Apex Book Publishing, and available in just about format I can think of, except tattoos. And, you have my permission to tattoo any part or all of the book upon your body that you like.

This is something I do for you, at no cost to you, to help you make your e-reading decisions.

Now, on to the next bit of awesome.

I have half the book. I know it’s not quite as good as the full book. But, it is half the book. If you don’t know whether you want to make your purchase decision with just one chapter, I’ve got half the book right here, ready for you.

For this week I will be happy to give out PDFs of half the book to all who ask for it, for the express purpose of spreading it. Drop me an e-mail at sankgreall (a) gmail (O) com

And, one person – chosen completely at random per rules that I have written down, but will not share with you – will recieve – this one lucky, lucky person – the full PDF of the novel, for their eReading pleasure, under the understanding that they really ought not to share it beyond their friends and family with whom one would normally be found sharing books, and probably ought not to be pirating it.

But, wait! I’ve got a few physical hard copies floating around here… I think it’s high time I gave one of them away.

There is a number between one and one-hundred that totally exists and is written down on my notepad right next to his computer. The number that I have chosen is the number of the person who e-mails me looking for half the book who will recieve the full book, signed and personalized, gratis.

So… Who wants half an eBook? Who wants to win the full eBook? Who wants to win the real deal?

All you do, friends, is drop me a line at sankgreall gmail com, and ask for a freebie. It will be up to the mysterious numbers on my notepad to decide if you are the winner!

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