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Getting too many hits….

I was getting too many page hits on something I had posted as an invitation for information. I got the information I needed to make my decision on something, and I see no reason to leave the post up when it only seems to be a spark for internet fire and brimstone.

Which, I absolutely do not want to be involved with. At all.

Post has been deleted, and I have nothing more to say on the matter.

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Question About Positive Change Over Interwebs

Can anyone think of an example where something changed over the internet because of positive and happy energy instead of the #fail of fires and brimstones and everyone watching from the sidelines with popcorn waiting for the brilliant curmudgeons of righteousness to flagellate the hapless?

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Hunter S Thompson on Conan O’Brien

Found courtesy of me digging around for Conan’s wasting money clips.

Hunter S. Thompson on Conan O’Brien 2003-02-06
Just an outline | MySpace Video

Watching this makes me sad that he was never on Oprah Winfrey.


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