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Not a real update…

Just a quick drive-by in between tasks at work to spread a little news.

“3-Lobed Burning Eye” will be going live with a reprint of The End of Her World later this week, or next.

“The Land Bridge” a POD experiment by Zachary Jernigan, a friend of mine from Grad School, will be including a reprint of LAST STAR, first appearing in Coyote Wild Magazine, back in December of 2007.

I’m still sans internet at home, and loving it. I’m getting there. I’ve even settled on a title that works really well, for now, if this weird thing is even a book:

Arias for Women and Monsters

Been reading and reading, as well. Scott Wolven’s excellent short story collection is excellent:


Ian MacDonald’s Excellent First Novel is Excellent, but full of a surprising number of weird typographical and copy-editing errors:


Michael Cisco’s Excellent First Novel is Excellent:


Thomas Ligotti’s Excellent Collection is Excellent:


John McPhee’s Pretty Good Collection of Magazine Articles About Shipping is Pretty Interesting:


And… Back to work at work.

Someday, when I enjoy the absence of such things less, I will turn on the internet for my new computer.

I love my new computer. It is an ergonomically-friendly, energy-efficient, word-processing-and-nothing-else tiny box of awesome:


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