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things that i owe

i thought i’d talk a moment about some of the things that i owe.

1) money – yes, i owe money. but really, this is only money, and it is nothing to the soul, no matter what zoroastrians would tell you. money is only money, and if paying back the debt isn’t too much, a student loan is a generally good idea, and sometimes the car is in the shop and requires plastic.

2) beta read for michelle muenzler – my friend, michelle, was an excellent beta reader, on two projects, including MAZE, and i owe her a beta read of her book. i can only do a few pages here or there, and it is really driving me nuts that i can’t pay back this debt.

3) my grandfather a phone call – i just realize i haven’t spoken with him since my cousin’s wedding a couple months back, and i really need to call and catch up with him. who knows what the family is up to these days without a call to grandpa.

4) best american fantasy 3 deserves a review at this very blog, but school and work and deadlines have kept me from completing the book. goodness, i am behind on this.

5) sapsorrow – i owe her a good story to tell her story and you don’t even know who she is, and you don’t know her mad brother hollownot, and you don’t know what it was like in the clockwork kingdom of saxonia, nor have you met her friends and enemies. alas, until i complete 2-4, along with my homework for school, i don’t know if i can get to her story, yet. i keep starting it and losing my momentum and becoming dissatisfied with it, for reasons having nothing to do with the quality of the idea and everything to do with the careful planning and plotting that must occur.

6) you, i owe you a brilliant story. yes, you. i owe you a brilliant story because you’re here, and you’re here because I tell you stories, and because I am grateful to you for being here.

in the mean time, go read best american fantasy 3. I’ve only gotten a couple stories in, and the grandmothers on the boat was the best one so far, even if the end felt a little too contrived.



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