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played DnD 4th edition last night…

Finally had a chance to play 4th edition rules in DnD with some of my geekier co-workers.

I approve. The streamlining of powers and combat abilities and rolling of dice has brought the math down into the sphere of what I can do in my head (with a calculator here and there).

I played a half-orc cleric of Tempus, among a relatively holy party. We had a blast learning how to play on the fly, getting our in-character arguments interrupted by invading kobolds, and making really dumb decisions that our characters would make, and dealing with the consequences with martial might.

We were playing a prepared module called “The Keep on Shadowfell”, and a few hours in, we had managed to get ourselves arrested off the boundaries of the module. With a good DM – and E___ was, I think, quite good – this was no problem. I expect our adventures will become even more adventurou as time moves forward.

All you cats out there got sick of all the math and the massive amount of world-system-specific learning required to play DnD 3 would be well-advised to pick up the dice again, and go on an adventure with some stalwart companions.


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