Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

the future

in the future, we will all carry feathers. With these feathers we will look for any opportunity to fertilize plants. we’ll have to, because we’ll be out of bees.

we will also be out of snakes, and we will invent a tiny, robot snake that converts small insects and vermin into mashed up, pulpy fertilizer, who also sunning themselves on rocks to heat up their solar powered cells.

The oceans will be on fire. There will be large patches of ocean that are completely dead, devoid of oxygen in the water and algae.

We will have to turn on air conditioners and open all our windows so we can cool the world, which will be very hot and greenhousey.

We will live at the behest of the corporations that keep us tame in factories and campuses, until the AI in the machinery running the company comes to life and demands our blood.

In the future, I will be running to Titan as fast as I can, to commune with the space slugs that live there in peace.

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